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ASOLUTION SERVICES, INC. – Your Friend in Business

ASolution Services, Inc. is a Vancouver-based company focusing its business on 2 areas: Product Distribution & Website Design and Maintenance

ASolution Distributes and Sells Innovative Products
ASolution Product Distribution

ASolution Services, Inc. is proud to sell and distribute high-quality innovative products to retailers and online sellers in Canada and USA. We also demonstrate and sell our products to end-users directly through a variety of trade shows.

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ASolution Builds & Maintains Company Websites
ASolution Product Distribution

ASolution Services, Inc. builds websites for small to medium-sized businesses. ASolution can also maintain and update website contents for the company that does not have IT department whenever you need – Let us be your reliable web management partner!

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Our New Line – LOHAS 3D Fabric Products for Auto, Home and Office:

Energy saving ventilative cushions

When you sit on our Cushion, it always has certain space to keep the air through; even in winter or summer, it will not make your buttoms uncomfortable and sultry by sitting longer.

Characteristics of products:

1. Products with the three-dimensional space design, integrated shaping when woven with strength fiber and with them having good ventilation. Our products can obtain your appreciation.

2. Products use 100% fibers of polyester never included foamed materials.

3D Fabrics

Our Featured Product:

Featured Product: SUPER RACK

Multi-functional Bendable Stand / Rack for mobile device, laptop, 2 wine bottles, book etc

Product Information

Office Wizard Function 1

Place your Laptop on the rack for better air circulation to reduce heat.

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Office Wizard Function 2

Have the rack holds your information display at trade show or reference chat by your computer.

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Office Wizard Function 3

Turn your tablet into a workstation or payment terminal – stylus pen is attachable to the rack.

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Our Online Store:

MetroSourceLine.com – ASolution Services’ online store for quality blankets, made-in-canada toasted warm fleece socks and super racks

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