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ASolution Services 將在台北帶大家編寫自己的網頁 ~ 5月27、28日(星期六、星期日)兩天下午HTML和CSS課程讓您學會從一頁空白到一個完整的網頁 ~ 本課程是針對從未接觸過語言程式編寫設計者打造,適合學生及成年人。

Activate Your Future! A Summer Camp in Vancouver, Canada


ASolution is pleased to launch a new website for its signature Summer Camp program, “Activate Your Future” in Vancouver. Come and experience in-depth Canadian lifestyle, learning methods, family values, personal values, community structure, arts and culture. is Ready to Satisfy your Holiday Shopping Needs


Online shopping store provides great quality of fleece items – blankets and Made-in-Canada fleece socks for you and your loved at home, office, outdoor activities and long-distant travel. MetroSourceLine is ready to satisfy your holiday shopping needs.

ASolution Vancouver Summer Camp 2017 is under development


ASolution is pleased to announce that it is planning and developing a camp program for the youths and their parents in Vancouver for the summer of 2017. The program is partnered with Safeteen and MPower Live and will be inviting families from Taiwan. The outcome of the program is expecting to empower and improve parent-and-child relationship.

Create Video to Market Your Business or Capture the Moment of an Event


By demonstrating your inventions and products in person, explaining how your service works and helps with clear slideshow and background voice, video does get people close to you, your products, your services and your company.

One Page Website for Your Company or Personal Profile


One-page Website is getting popular. One-page Website presents viewers only one comfortable web page. If there are not many content and stories to talk about, or if too much information may confuse your viewers, One-Page Website may be a good choice to start your company profile with highlight on product or service, or your personal profile with portfolio of your work.

What you need to prepare before building a company website


YOU know your business very well, and it’s time to put all pieces together, digitally. Get ready to open your business in the skies and be viewed by people 7/14. Preparation of your website materials is also a great chance to go over and examine your business strategy – take quality time and be serious about it. Contact ASolution for assistance.

Portfolio – Soroptimist Non-profit Organization Website

Portfolio – Soroptimist Non-profit Organization Website

Non-profit Organization: Soroptimsit International of Vancouver in Vancouver, Canada Website: Target Group: individuals, families, women, advocacy groups who have heart to improve the lives of women and girls locally and international. Some global projects – anti trafficking, promote women’s education and human right. Content covering a variety of topics and discussions are frequently added, […]

Portfolio – Immigration Services and Consultant’s Website

Portfolio – Immigration Services and Consultant’s Website

Go-Immigration Services ( targets the people around the world who are interested in working or immigrating to Canada and USA. Lots of information are provided to the viewers in two different languages, which helps include wider range of her client base. The consultant herself is able to update changes on the immigration laws and requirements from time to time. She can also post news, list frequently asked questions and open us an discussion with general public.

Portfolio – Accountant, Business Consultant’s Website

Portfolio – Accountant, Business Consultant’s Website

Joanne YH Liu, Certified General Accountant in Richmond, Canada ( runs two languages on her website – English and Chinese – which helps include wider range of her client base. The accountant herself is able to post latest news, ongoing seminars and workshops she is holding all year round. Extra handy resources are provided to viewers online via the website as well..