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ASOLUTION SERVICES, INC. – Your Friend in Business

ASolution Services, Inc. is a Vancouver-based company focusing its business on 3 areas: Website Design and Maintenance, Product Distribution, and Educational Summer Program Development.

Our Services:

ASolution Builds & Maintains Company Websites
ASolution Product Distribution

ASolution Services, Inc. builds websites for small to medium-sized businesses. ASolution can also maintain and update website contents for the company that does not have IT department whenever you need – Let us be your reliable web management partner!

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ASolution Distributes and Sells Innovative Products
ASolution Product Distribution

ASolution Services, Inc. is proud to sell and distribute high-quality innovative products to retailers and online sellers in Canada and USA. We also demonstrate and sell our products to end-users directly through a variety of trade shows.

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ASolution Designs Summer Camps in Vancouver
ASolution Product Distribution

ASolution Services, Inc. customizes summer camp programs in Vancouver for overseas educational institutions and companies. Talk to us if you are looking for a program that enables your students to get overseas Canadian experience.

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Our Featured Product:

Featured Product: SUPER RACK

Multi-functional Bendable Stand / Rack for mobile device, laptop, 2 wine bottles, book etc

Product Information

Office Wizard Function 1

Place your Laptop on the rack for better air circulation to reduce heat.

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Office Wizard Function 2

Have the rack holds your information display at trade show or reference chat by your computer.

Video Demo

Office Wizard Function 3

Turn your tablet into a workstation or payment terminal – stylus pen is attachable to the rack.

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Our Online Store:

MetroSourceLine.com – ASolution Services’ online store for quality blankets, made-in-canada toasted warm fleece socks and super racks

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ASolution Designs, Sets Up and Manages Websites for Small to Medium-Sized Companies and Professionals: