Muti-functional Stand for Mobile Devices, Books, Wine Bottles, Paintings etc

Video 1: Functionality of the stand & how you can use it

Video 2: The Use of the Clip String

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  • Ease of Use: The multi-functional stand can easily be bent to your usage needs as well as in several positions including flat, hanging, standing up, etc. Adults, as well as children, will find this stand is easy to manipulate, allowing you to use a tablet or laptop in different ways. Easily configure the stand to your desired use.
  • Multiple Uses: This stand can be used in a variety of ways including to hold a tablet, to hang one off a chair or table, to elevate a laptop and more. Because the components can be bent at several angles, the stand can be used to hold the specific mobile devices you have, books and anything else you can think of.
  • Elevation: Using this stand will allow you to elevate your devices with ease. If you want to use your tablet to watch movies or read, elevate it with the stand at your desired angle. Easily watch your favorite television show without having to hold your tablet. With a laptop, the stand can elevate the computer which allows for better air circulation.
  • 180° Rotatable Suction Cups: With the rotatable suction cups attached to this stand, the user has the unique function of improving the stability of the stand. Easily maneuver the suction cups to meet your stand usage needs. Because the suction cups rotate, you have the ability to change the position of the stand without actually removing the cups as they are positioned.
  • Handy Pen Holders: For many tablet users, a stylus is used for drawing or writing via the device. The multi-functional stand includes four pen holders where users can easily place a stylus or pen for when one is needed. Easily hold one to four pens with the holders included in this stand.

Complete set

Mode 1: Sitting Up

Mode 2: Lying Flat

Bendable 45° to 90°

Bend Wide for Larger Device (laptop)

Multi Functional

Hang to Watch Videos

Better Air Circulation for Notebook

Book Rack

Wine Bottle Rack

Pen Holders


Clip String Holds the Device Tighter

180° Rotatable Suction Cups Improve Stability

Stand on Uneven Surface

Movie Stand

To Hold

To Carry